Store Keeper Job Islamabad Salary 40K

Store Keeper Job Islamabad

The Store Keeper job in Islamabad demands meticulous attention to detail and organizational prowess. Responsible for maintaining inventory levels, the Store Keeper ensures that the store remains well-stocked with necessary supplies while adhering to budgetary constraints. In Islamabad’s bustling environment, this role requires effective communication skills to coordinate with suppliers and internal departments, ensuring timely deliveries and efficient operations. Moreover, the Store Keeper plays a crucial role in maintaining accurate records of inventory transactions, facilitating smooth audits and minimizing discrepancies. With Islamabad being a hub of economic activity, this position requires adaptability and a proactive approach to meet the diverse needs of customers and stakeholders alike.

In Islamabad, the role of Store Keeperembodies more than just managing goods; it’s about upholding standards of excellence in service delivery. Beyond simply organizing inventory, this position requires a keen eye for identifying trends in consumer demand and adjusting stock levels accordingly. In a city known for its rapid development, the Store Keeper serves as a linchpin in the supply chain, ensuring that essential goods reach their destinations promptly and efficiently. Additionally, this role necessitates a commitment to maintaining a safe and orderly workspace, fostering a conducive environment for both staff and customers. As Islamabad continues to evolve as a commercial center, the Store Keeper remains integral to sustaining the city’s vibrant economic landscape.

Skills Required:

General: –

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Have sharp focus
  • Should be accountable, responsible and most importantly trustworthy.
  • Must exhibit maturity and the ability to handle workload..
  • Being confident and focused
  • Being professional and courteous
  • Resolving problems quickly

Job Type: Full-time


  • Bachelor’s (Required)


  • Inventory management.: 1 year (Required)

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